Puerto Rico Beaches and Vehicle Transport

Oh, the beautiful beaches and wondrous atmosphere that is Puerto Rico. From its awe-inspiring sunsets to its many secluded beaches (hint, hint), you’re going to love transporting your car to this wonderful island, filled with friendly people, good food, a wonderful night-life, and its many different flora and fauna will keep you up all night watching them sway in the warm Puerto Rican breeze. And don’t forget the booze.

Before we begin on our adventure into what makes Puerto Rico really shine, let’s depart on a small trench, if you will. Puerto Rico is very, very close to the deepest sub-marine depression in the entire North Atlantic. It’s called the Puerto Rico Trench, and it runs roughly parallel to the island’s northern coast and is about 75 miles off-shore. The trench is over 1,000 miles long and almost 60 miles wide, and the deepest point in the entire Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee Depth, lies inside the trench, reaching a massive 27,493 ft!

Did you know that the Mona and Monito islands are located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (it’s neighbor)? They are considered a national reserve by the Puerto Rican government, mainly due to its biologically diverse habitat. The islands are a critical habitat for many different animals, including endangered marine turtles, sea birds and some migratory birds as well. And now, off to the island itself on this little virtual, textual tour of Puerto Rico.

According to Ethnologue, a respected language journal, Spanish is the second language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese but ahead of English. Interesting to know that English is only third in the list of most important languages. See what you’ll learn, just by taking this tour? Spanish itself is spoken by over 400 million people worldwide, but primarily in Spain (of course) and Latin America. It’s the official language in 24 countries, and with over 323 million native speakers worldwide, Puerto Rico accounts for almost 4 million of them.

With these many diverse cultures speaking some form of Spanish, it’s only natural to have different dialects around the world. When you visit Puerto Rico (for real), you’ll notice a peculiar dialect being spoken. This is mainly due to the fact that the Puerto Rican people have incorporated thousands of native Taino words, adopted some pronunciation habits from different African dialects, and of course from the English influence on the island. Despite all these differences, however, most Puerto Ricans can communicate with other Spanish-speaking people with little trouble.

Car Transport from Puerto Rico

If your job was planning on relocating you from your hometown in Washington D.C. to Puerto Rico, would you worry about how in the world you were going to get your car from one place to another? What about if you owned a boat as well as a motorcycle? Not to worry. At Carmoza Auto Transport, we not only specialize in auto transport, but we are also an industry leader in motorcycle transport and relocation. Additionally, we understand that transporting a boat or even an RV isn’t always easy. For instance, there are different rules and regulations that one has to adhere to when on the road with either a boat or an RV. At Carmoza Auto Transport, we have both the skill as well as the experience to know how to handle the safe and expedited transportation of your boat so as to ensure that it arrives to its final destination on time and safely.

Moving your personal belongings from one state to another can be stressful, but moving your vehicle shouldn’t (and doesn’t) have to be. Carmoza Auto Transport has been in the car transportation business for a long time. Our customers come back to us time and time again because we are reliable, safe and affordable. Call us today at 1.888.708.0880 to speak to one of our qualified representatives about how we can take some of the stress off of your moving day.

Even with all this information at your fingertips, it’s just a fraction of what you can experience in Puerto Rico. When you decide to ship your car there, just remember that, Carmoza Auto Transport is one of the few who can do it the fastest, the safest, and the cheapest. When you go to Puerto Rico, you want to enjoy your time, not waste it in some frivolous dispute with an auto transport company. That’s why we’re the best; we’re the right company at the right price delivery your vehicle on time every time.

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