Hawaii Auto Transport

If you’re moving to Hawaii Carmoza Auto Transport can you get you there safe and on time. At Carmoza, our mission is world class customer service. For many people, the experience of shipping their car is wrought with fear, uncertainty and misinformation. Many people view the process of transporting their car as more of a hassle vs. a good experience Carmoza Auto Transport is changing this perception through its unwavering commitment to world class customer service. The Carmoza difference is to give you peace of mind, a sense of security and the trust to know your vehicle is being transported by professionals who care about you and your vehicle. Carmoza Auto Transport, our goal is to ensure you’re kept informed every step of the way. We base our reputation on the philosophy that each driver is rated on his/her performance to give you the best experience shipping your car every time.

Auto Shipping to Hawaii

So, how complicated is it to transport your vehicle to Hawaii exactly? Well, the answer to that depends on which car shipping company you’re using. At Carmoza Auto Transport, we strongly believe that auto transport should be easy. We want you to talk to other companies and find out why Carmoza is the company that consumers pick first. We make car shipping easy and painless. Our customers can get an accurate price quote on how much it will cost to ship a vehicle the first time. For us, The Carmoza way is trust and an indestructible positive attitude to give you the world class customer service that you deserve.

If it’s your first time using a vehicle shipping service, you’re in good hands with Carmoza. Not only do we provide door-to-door service, but we also provide you peace of mind by addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding the car transportation process. Your vehicle will be picked up from your doorstep and delivered to your final destination in a matter of days- not weeks.

Please call us toll free today at 1.888.708.0880 to find out more information about our auto transport services.

About Hawaii

Hawaii is a U.S. state comprised of hundreds of islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is the newest American state, having earned statehood in 1959 following a period of Hawaii being a self-governing U.S. territory, which started in 1900. The decision to create the Territory of Hawaii was made in 1898. As of 2008, Hawaii has a population of 1.29 million, making it the 42nd most populated state in the country. But with only 10,931 square miles of land, the relatively small population and land area ranks Hawaii as 13th in population density.

Although no vehicles are manufactured in the state and the area is separated from the mainland by ocean, the Hawaiian island of O’ahu features an Interstate highway system, the only such instance of Interstates outside of the contiguous 48 states, though Hawaii’s interstates are not subject to the numbering system used in other states. The Interstates are instead named H-1, H-2 and H-3 in reference to their location in Hawaii.

Vehicles built by auto manufacturers must be shipped directly to the Hawaiian islands, which results in some Hawaiian car dealerships charging markup fees to offset the highers costs of shipping and doing business on the islands.

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