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"I was surprised when the pickup was schuled early. Then on the day for pickup I received notice from the seller that the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow i was purchasing had an electric door lock problem. A phone call to Carmoza and they said fine , let them know when its ready and the pickup was canceled. Several days later the car was ready and it arrived two days later. I received very good service for a price that was lower or met other Quotes. I just bought a 1941 Lincoln Continental and will be using Carmoza for delivery . They have been better with communication and service than the five other companys I have used."

Gary R.
"Because of the age and quality of the vehicle I had purchased I requested an enclosed hauler with a very narrow pick up window. The drivers selected by Carmoza were excellent. They were knowledgeable, on time to the hour, and kept both the seller of the vehicle and myself informed about arrival and delivery times. Carmoza staff members were very pleasant to deal with and I had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Would not hesitate to use them again."

G. Gray
"Carmoza was by far the best company from day 1. Andrea contacted me immediately by phone not just an email like all of the rest of the companies I got quotes from. She was helpful, honest and informative. She walked me through everything and was available even when she was at home. The dispatch people were also very helpful. Their quote was by far the cheapest as well at $641. My van arrived safely and the drivers were extremely careful, friendly, and courteous. They contacted me by phone and kept me in the loop as to when they thought they would be making the delivery. I was given their cell phone number as well. This was my first experience in shipping a car and Carmoza did not let me down. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I come across who needs a car transport company."

"My whole experience with Carmoza LLC and Atlantic Trucking was excellent. They made sure I was informed about all the details of the shipping process. The actual drivers were a very nice couple from Atlantic Auto Transport. They took excellent care of my 64 Mercury from Vt. to Fl.

I would highly recommend them to anyone and of course use them again."

"I really can't find the words to express my appreciation for the professional assistance I received from the Carmoza LLC. After a period of time trying to figure out what my game plan would be to transport a 75 Corvette from Alabama to Maine, my lucky day came with a surprise. I really had know idea what to expect when I found Carmoza LLC on line and made that initial phone call. Yes, I was suspect right from the beginning. After several minutes talking with their company representative, Andrea, I began to relax and listened very carefully to her presentation. I just felt real comfortable with her demeanor and presentation to at least process what was really taking place. As promised, I received a quote from the company that I felt was very reasonable. For several days I researched other companies to compare cost and assurances. Let me tell you folks, you need to make this call to Carmoza and listen to what they have to say. Personally, I have told a bunch of my friends that are snow birds to consider their company for transports. Yes, I don't think you can beat them for professionalism and service.

Let me tell you about the pick-up in Alabama. The driver arrived in a new like transport truck and was very neat, polite and listened well. One thing the previous owner noticed was the detailed inspection that the driver took to evaluate the vehicle. This car is a show car and the driver found a few things that even the judges at the shows missed. The driver told the previous owner that he was trained to evaluate any imperfections so that all parties are protected during transport. Once the vehicle was loaded, a time was set for delivery and I will be darn if the driver showed up exactly when he said he would. Upon arrival at my address in Maine, I watched the driver unload the vehicle and I proceeded to inspect the car using the bill of laden to see that everything was just so. Well folks, I have to tell you I was impressed with how it looked coming off the truck. Actually, I was shocked to see that it looked gorgeous.

My final words to those of you that have questions and concerns. Carmoza demonstrated to me that if you give top shelf service to your customers then the customer should speak out and let others know that they are extremely happy with the results."

Jack O'Brien (Maine)
"This is the very first time I've ever had a need to ship a vehicle cross country, and I must admit, the experience was rather stressful. What company to use? Can I trust them? Is my car going to be okay? I love my vehicles, and am really nervous when handing the keys over to somewone else. Little did I know that this whole prosess was going to go soooo smoothly. I spoth with Keith Goble, and I'm sure I overwhelmed him with questions, but keep in mind that I really care for my cars, so I bothered Keith a number of times before making up my mind. Keith is really really patient. He explained everything to me multiple times. He answered every time I called and did as he promised. My car was picked up presicely on schedule, and was delivered on schedule down to the hour. The driver was great. He got in and out of my car very carefully, and was very careful when unloading my car from the trailer. I cannot be more pleased with my experience. Little did I know that all that stress I first felt was really unnessessary. Thanks Keith and thanks Carmoza."

Oscar G.
"From the time I spoke with Dan Malloy, the Carmoza Sales Representative, it could not have been a better experience. Dan was knowledgeable, professional, and straight forward. He educated me on the process and gave me a very competitive rate. He clearly set the right expectations as to when the car would be picked up and the amount of time it would take to transport across country. When the car was delivered the driver was on-time, professional and courteous. I had never shipped a car before so it was a new experience for me. I would strongly recommend Carmoza to anyone."

Alan R.
"I have transported many cars in my time, but this was the most pleasant and easiest transport I have ever arranged. The rep Beth was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in arranging my transport. The trucker was on time, everything worked out perfectly. I will use them again and recommend to my friends."

"I called many different transport companies and the reason I chose Carmoza was really because of Keith the gentleman who helped me on the phone. He went over all of the aspects of transporting a car from the good, bad and the ugly. There are many variables and I didn't have a clue about many of them and he walked me through the whole process and how the industry operates, it was very enlightening. The price I paid was very reasonable as well and from what I understand to be quite honest is that he under quoted the price to me, but he honored the quote anyways. I believe I should have paid another $100.00. I wasn't actually there when the car got picked up, but a friend was and he said the guy was right on time. The driver actually called me a few times on his trip out to California from Ohio and he kept me abreast of his location and when to expect his arrival. I was really surprised to see that my car was in a covered rig, it was the type with the canvas sides to it and the car showed up on time and clean and no damage. I would without a doubt use this company again if I have a need and I would highly recommend their services to all my friends and anyone who reads this."

Jeff H.
"I switched to Carmoza after 10 days of "promises" from another company. Beth Feldman, my contact person called me and gave me her cell number. She promised a pick-up in 5 days and a driver called me in one day and picked up my truck in 2 days...three days earlier than promised! I was very happy. My truck was delivered to my destination in Florida in 2 days...the service from Carmoza was impeccable. I am 61 years old and this process was slightly daunting to me, however, Beth and everyone at Carmoza was so helpful. They made this whole process easy. Do not search around and go with false promises. Choose Carmoza and you will not be disappointed!"

Jenni K.
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